A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram

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With 500 million active monthly users, Instagram offers a unique opportunity for marketers to reach their target audiences through ad campaigns. Instagram is highly used in the hospitality industries such as bars, restaurants etc.

The other perk of advertising on Instagram? The ads can look almost no different than regular posts, making them much less invasive than other ad types.

But setting up ads on any platform requires a lot of thought: What should your target audience look like? What should your copy say? What image should you use? Not to mention, the more technical aspects like what size your image needs to be or how long your ad should run for.

Keys to Running a Successful Instagram Advertising Campaign?

1) Choose an objective.

• E.g. Send people to your website

2) Choose your audience.

Options to choose include:
• Location
• Age
• Gender
• Language
• Relationship
• Education
• Work
• Financial Status
• Home
• Ethnic Affinity

3) Set your budget and schedule.

• Link Clicks: Your ads will be delivered accordingly to get the most clicks to your website at the lowest cost.
• Impressions: Your ads will be delivered to people as many times as possible.
• Daily Unique Reach: Your ad will be delivered to people up to once a day.

4) Set your ad creative.

Choose your format of Single image, video, or slideshow.

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